Bali – An Enticing Indonesian island

Well-known for its richness in nature, volcanic mountains, coral reefs and
beaches,  Bali has a variety of town popular with visitors, including Seminyak,
Sanur and Nusa Dua. Additionally, the island is also known for its meditation havens, yoga and religious sites. Tourists are known to appreciate the paradise Bali is, with radiant sunshine, white-sand beaches, spas, hotels, villas and much
more. Not only are there interesting sites to see and visit but also events and cultural dance practices. Companies and locals alike strive to make your visit or stay in Bali exceptional and outstanding. Here are some of our tips for making the most of your time in Bali.

  1. Start your tour with a relaxing massage


Try out a Bali massage Seminyak at AMO Spa.  The eight-year old company focuses on showcasing quality and authenticity. Created by Navia Nguyen, a former model, it is a well-known stylish and elegant company. First and foremost, there are several lavish salons that offer the best hair care options and products. Massages, facials, make-up, scrubs and waxing services are also available. Make sure to throw in a flawless manicure or pedicure too.

This is the perfect place for anyone seeking some needed relaxation. To top it all, AMO introduced the instantaneous treatment philosophy where you can have various therapists executing treatments as you easily relax in the environment of soft, smooth melodies.

2.Explore Bali by Quad Bike

Bali Island ATV is the most eminent our operator for the best ATV Ride Bali and was established in 1996. The one to two hour tours are centered on the magnificent Yeh Gangga beach. The sands provide impeccable ground to ride a high-powered quad bike creating an adrenaline-charged experience for adventure loving people.

The guides are well-mannered and fluent in English, thus providing high quality services. Inland, you will find a serene and peaceful village that has preserved its culture and traditions.

  1. Stay in a luxury villa

Hu’u 1 bedroom villa Bali  is strategically placed, being only walking distance from reputable restaurants, boutique shops and bars. The style here is modern, urban and very tasteful with every facility at your beck and call. The villas are highly appropriate for those who find bravura, flair and comfort very essential in their stay in Bali. Accompanied by flexible yet reliable accommodation, there is a properly furnished kitchenette, a lounge and a flat screen television. You’ll also get to enjoy time in your own private swimming pool, or relaxing on the sundeck.

4.Enjoy a wonderful world-class meal

In the delightful world of Seminyak restaurants, Sea Vu Play, combines fine food, excitement, entertainment and maritime traditions to create the perfect venue to dine, party and watch your favourite sports on the big screen. The professionals are well trained and highly qualified. A picture-perfect holiday in Bali would include visiting Sea Vu Play and appreciating the relishing dishes, pleasant drinks and the perfect nightlife in the island. Its central setting makes it very convenient to access and a good stop-over too, simply taking you through the afternoon to a lovely dinner and exploratory nightlife.

  1. Visit Ubud

Ubud is very spiritual, culture rich and artsy – it’s often considered to be the cultural capital of Bali. The town is pulsating and filled with eateries,
spas, dancing and yoga studios. And the town is surrounded by stunning countryside of terraced rice paddies, rich green jungle and deep river ravines. Stay and soak up the atmosphere of this enchanting town for a few days by staying in Ubud Villas. Check out Bali Villas and More, for a complete range of villas to suit every budget.

  1. Experience the adventure of a lifetime

Adventure is what builds a great visit to an island like Bali. There are numerous activities for you to enjoy from the cultural to the adrenaline pumping. If you like watersports, then perhaps, Banana boating is a fun-filled activity to relish. Maybe a more sedate cycle ride through the rice paddies is your thing, or maybe you’ll like to hike up a volcano? Organizing your activities in Bali couldn’t be easier with Bali Tours and More, where you can choose from a range of activities and book and pay securely on line.

More great ideas for things to do in Bali include:

For the best fun on 4 wheels then check out ATV riding in Bali click here –

Learn about Bali’s burgeoning craft chocolate making scene and taste the goods for yourself!

Enjoy a ride through the Balinese countryside on a Bali bike tour.

Get off road and adventurous with a Bali dirt bike tour.

  1. Take a fast boat to the Gili Islands

The Gili Islands lie just off the coast of Lombok, and with good reason are a popular trip for holidays makers to Bali. Picture perfect beaches warm waters full or marine life perfect for so snorkeling and scuba driving are just some of the reasons why you’ll want to book your ticket on a fast boat to Gili Trawagan. The Patagonia Xpress is fast, safe, reliable and has daily departures from Bali to the Gili Islands and Lombok, book and pay securely on line and you’ll be on that Instagram perfect tropical beach before you know it!>

  1. Stay in a Luxuty Hotel

There are many luxury hotels in Seminyak Bali for travelers to enjoy during their Bali holiday. With so many it can be hard to decide which ones to choose though. Bali Hotels and More are an online travel agents, specializing only in Bali Hotels, so log onto their website and find the perfect luxury hotel for your stay.

From the spectacular tropical scenery, striking landscapes, pure blue waters to the exciting nightlife and exciting events, Bali is an island worth visiting. Treat yourself to a perfect holiday with boundless massages and you won’t be frustrated. Most of the hotels and villas are always in high demand and it is best to book early to avoid disappointment

The island is also a perfect spot for honeymoons, weekend getaways, company retreats and many more; the list is endless. It is not every day you are on tour in this outstanding island so be sure to spoil yourself while you’re at it.