5 Reasons Every Resort Should Have a Weather Station

Resorts provide the complete package, as visitors can find everything needed for a vacation without leaving the property. While travelers can find it convenient to find so many amenities close at hand, operators must worry about additional liabilities, especially with outdoor activities such as swimming. If you own or manage a resort, you might want to learn about the importance of weather stations as preventative tools. Here are five reasons why it makes sense to incorporate this technology into your property’s capabilities.

  1. Daily forecasts only give information about likely conditions during the day, whereas a weather station informs hoteliers about imminent threats.
  2. An in-cloud lightning monitoring system can give operators enough advanced warning to evacuate swimming areas and other outdoor facilities.
  3. Automated alerts can warn management without the need for constant monitoring by dedicated personnel.
  4. Networked stations help resort owners anticipate weather systems as they move into the area.
  5. Temperature and humidity monitoring helps medical staff keep an eye out for symptoms of dehydration, heat stroke and other weather-related health problems.

How Weather Stations Work

When you install a weather station on your property, it continuously works in the background to gather data from 27 different areas by using a full complement of sensors:

  • Rain gauge
  • Wind sensor
  • Lightning tracker
  • Thermometer
  • Barometer

With information from the sensor cluster, software provides a visualization of each value to give you a hyper-localized analysis of your property’s weather situation. When tied in with a network of more than 12,000 neighborhood-level stations, your equipment helps meteorologists come up with detailed forecasts for the entire country.

Protect Your Property

If the benefits of a weather station sound good for your resort, contact Earth Networks today to arrange installation of your own equipment. Why let severe conditions increase your liability and slow down your operations when technology offers an easy monitoring solution?