Tips for winter camping

Whether you are snowshoeing or planning to spend your days in a tent in the woods, winter camping can only be fun if you are prepared for it. Camping during winter can be fun! the weather is predictable, the wildlife is in hibernation, and the crowds are few.

Plan a vacation to one of the ski resorts this winter, but make sure you make note of these tips that will help you stay warm during your winter camping. Use this online trip planner to plan your next winter vacation.

  • Get the best gear

This one goes without saying. You want to invest in good quality sleeping bags, boots, clothes and backpacks. You do not want to be out in the wilderness only to realize that your tent has a big hole in it.

  • Layer up – but not just over the top

If you plan to set up a tent, we are sure you have packed all your essentials like blankets and roll mats. Your intuition will tell you to pull a blanket over you, but you need to counteract. During the night, the cold earth can absorb your body heat, so make sure you put some extra layers underneath you as well.

  • Put the warmers inside the bag, but keep your head out

Trying to keep warm inside, use the hand warmers instead of hot water bottles. But remember to keep your head out. If you keep your face inside the bag, the moisture from your breath will dampen the air inside the bag and reduce the bag’s insulating effect.

  • Stay warm

Re-warming yourself is going to be very difficult. Anticipate and plan your day’s activities so that you do not let yourself get chilled, or sweaty.

  • Use lithium batteries

Lithium batteries are known to perform better in cold conditions than its counterparts like alkaline or NiMh batteries. The lithium batteries not only weigh less, but they also last longer.

  • Sleep well

Before getting inside the sleeping bag, make sure you take a little walk around the camp. This will help speed up your metabolism and in turn warm up your insides. Wear all your warms right after so that you preserve the heat. Also, try not to drink too much water 2 hours before snoozing so that you can avoid the unnecessary pee trip in the middle of the night.

  • Prepare a campfire

Nothing will help you stay warm than a round of chit-chat with your buddies and a cup of hot chocolate. Set up the campfire at the night draws close.

  • Increase the heart rate

If you think that you are getting cold, get the heart rate up. Go for a walk or do sits-ups but don’t just sit there.