Plan a Luxury Vacation in St. Barths

When planning a trip to the Caribbean, one should always include a mix of different island flavors and scenes. When looking for a place that has an interesting Caribbean and French influence, St. Barthelemy or simply St. Barths should always be on the travel list. With an ideal tropical climate that remains warm and comfortable throughout the year, it can be the perfect getaway in the Caribbean when the temperatures dip closer to winter at home.

At St. Barths, one can bask under the sun or play in the ocean. Foodies can even expand their palate on a culinary adventure of the island. St. Barths is also a shopping haven dotted with luxury boutiques, for those who like to indulge in this type of activity.

St. Barths Accommodations

Check over here at St. Barths to see an eclectic mix of experiences. Staying on the island should not be a challenge what with the wide array of rental places to stay. If the traveler is open to the luxury living experience at St. Barths, there are places to fit various preferences.

Visitors with a weakness for endless ocean views should check out the various St. Barths luxury accommodations that offer this feature. Some of the chic rental places are located in Gustavia, the island’s capital, which is the epicenter of activity in the island. Other private villas and apartments with expansive views of the bay can be rented up the hill at St. Jean and other island locations.

These exclusive rentals offer privacy and comfort with across the board luxurious amenities. They often have fully equipped modern kitchens and living rooms stacked with entertainment options. Regular housekeeping assistance is often offered by these St. Barths luxury villas for a completely worry-free experience.

St. Barths Activities

Gustavia, can be described as the center of the luxury vacation experience in St. Barths. Visitors can leisurely stroll around the capital or take a rental car to see the municipal museums or galleries downtown. Here, they can also go shopping for duty-free clothing, jewelry and accessories, and even fine wines.

From scuba diving to cruising, it is a given that a visit to St. Barths or any Caribbean destination always revolves around the ocean or the beach. However, more than that, the island offers the possibility of an unforgettable gourmet adventure with its French-Caribbean influenced dining places. In fact, the island has a lot of quality restaurants in Gustavia, Grande Saline, and other locations. There are high-end French and Italian fine dining places on island as well as affordable and casual seafood restaurants and bistros.

More than just a part of the Lesser Antilles archipelago, St Barths stands out for its unusual combination of small island charm and luxury. While the island continues to cater to upscale visitors, it still has quiet corners where one can enjoy the scenery in peace. When vacationing for a few days at St. Barths, choose the accommodations that would make your stay on this French-influenced island a memorable one.

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