How to get to the Port of Civitavecchia Frome Rome Airports: THE definitive Guide

Here I discover all the main connections to reach the Port of Civitavecchia: Airports, train stations, buses, highways and Cab Roma private Transfer.

Here is finally a practical guide for all those who want to reach Civitavecchia port from Fiumicino airport  and embark on the next cruise or ferry.

How to get? What means of transportation to take? What are the airports and stations connected to the port?

After reading this article you can build your itinerary by planning the roadmap step by step according to your requirements.

To Arrive at the Port of Civitavecchia: The Airports

For those who arrive by plane, the closest airports to reach the Port of Civitavecchia are two:

  • The Rome Fiumicino Airport – Leonardo da Vinci
  • The Rome Ciampino Airport

The airport of Fiumicino Leonardo Da Vinci is the main airport and is located only 60 km from the Port of Civitavecchia.

Taking into account the distances, the Fiumicino airport is the most convenient solution that will allow you to reach Civitavecchia and its port in less time, but it is not always the cheapest, since most of the low cost airlines choose the airport.

Anyway, according to where you will have to choose if you move with a private or public means to reach the Port of Civitavecchia: These are the main alternatives available.

From the Airport to the Train Stations

The two airports of Rome Fiumicino and Rome Ciampino have a train station. Currently there are no direct connections and it is necessary to make at least one line change to reach the Civitavecchia Station.

From the Fiumicino Airport station, take a direct train to Rome, get off at the Roma stop and change the line in the direction of Civitavecchia. So you will take just over 1 hour and a half paying in total. You can also get off at the Roma Estienne station to change the line towards Civitavecchia.

From Rome Ciampino airport you can reach the Civitavecchia station by making 2 changes:

First take the Shuttle Bus COTRAL that connects the Airport with the station in just 5 minutes with a little of cost.

Once you arrive at the Ciampino train station, take the train to Roma Termini, for a cost of € 1.50 (departures every 12 minutes). Tickets can be purchased at the information offices at the airport, directly on board or at authorized vendors.

From Rome Termini to Civitavecchia the price of a ticket for a regional train is € 5.00 (1h15m approx.), for an intercity train it is € 11.00 (48min), for a Fresca Bianca train of € 15.00 (42min).

Useful information to not be mistaken:

FL1: Railway line that connects the station of Fiumicino with the station of Rome.

FL4: Railway line that connects Ciampino station with Roma Termini and other locations of Castelli romani.

FL5: Railway line that connects several stations of Rome, such as Roma Termini, Rome Ostiense, Rome Trastevere and Rome San Pietro with Civitavecchia station.