The Wonders of the Walmart Credit Card

young female cashier operating at the cash desk in cafe
young female cashier operating at the cash desk in the cafe

The Walmart credit card has become popular in the recent years but some people still have some reservations about it. The reason why Walmart credit card has gained popularity by leaps and bounds is that you cannot overspend on it. This has proven to be a miracle for people who previously found themselves in credit card debt due to their excessive and often random spending habits. Walmart has rewards points credit cards numerous of times to give their subscribers the perfect product that will suit their spending habits. This rechargeable credit cards let you decided how much money goes on it and you can have complete control over your credit without the complications and fuss of annual percent of interest that is APR and worrying about cash back rewards and deciphering the system of points and miles.

The Walmart Credit Card is Rechargeable

For the consumers who have gotten fed up with interest charges, over limit charges, late fee charges and just about any charges that seem to accompany any purchase you have ever made, these rechargeable Walmart Credit Cards are a solace due to the feature that let’s the users recharge or upload their credit card on their will.

How does Walmart Money card works?

The sensible solution to the tremendous problems of consumers has found its way in the form of Walmart money card. You can buy your Walmart credit card at $3.00 from any Walmart franchise. After the initial fee, you will be asked to cash a check to your Walmart money card for the activation which will have a modest fee. The service fee for keeping your Walmart money card is $4.95 per month but if you spend $1,000 on purchases using your Walmart money card, then this fee will be waived. The most amazing feature is that you control how much money you want to keep on your card and then you can use it just like your regular credit or debit card.

The Perks of Walmart Money Card

The many perks of the Walmart Money Card are listed below so that you can see for yourself how much it is worth in terms of ease and long-term financial benefits.

  • Easy to get – First of all, Walmart Money Card is easy to obtain. You can get it from any of your local Walmart stores at an affordable price. It does not require a bank account and the elaborate credit score check that the credit card issuers do before labeling you eligible and ineligible for the credit card.
  • Instant Activation – you can activate your Walmart money card with one easy call and use the temporary Visa Card in the package.
  • Use it anywhere – the Walmart money card can be used to make purchases anywhere because it is sponsored by Visa and Visa has worldwide acceptance.
  • Internet Shopping – it can also be used for internet shopping and you can also make payments using the Walmart money card on main shopping sites like Amazon and obviously Walmart etc.
  • ATMs – the Walmart money card is easily accessible on any ATM machines so that you can get instant cash whenever you want without worrying about credit card functionality.